with Gym Stars ETC since 2018

Favorites:   Color – Pink     Holiday – Thanksgiving

Delaney has come full circel… she attended Gym Stars growing up and now kids call her Coach Delaney!

"I love coaching children because they are fearless, always excited to learn new things and they have the biggest hearts. But even more special is the connection I can make with them. I get to not only teach them about a sport I love, but get to know them and their families"

Delaney's future objective is to become an Athletic Trainer. She is currently attending COD studying exercise science, then on to Aurora University to complete her goals with a Masters in Athletic Training.

Delaney is a "middle child" of 4 sisters and a brother. She likes to paint and really likes to work out…5-6 times a week in her free time. Her favorite hobby is smiling!