Ninja Zone

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Ninja Zone is an all new sport discipline inspired by gymnastics, martial arts and obstacle course training. Ninja Zone embodies discipline, focused energy and skill.

Boys or Girls Classes – Students ages 4-13 will enjoy an action packed class with running, jumping, vaulting, tumbling and kicks. Their energy and skills become focused with every class. Obstacle courses are created to maximize impluse and energy control. Our Ninja Creed provides guidelines and discipline with a positive focus.

A progressive level system evaluates and advances children on their skill and knowledge of core values as described in the Ninja Zone Creed.

The Ninja Zone is an all new discipline inspired from:
  • Obstacle courses for Strength & Agility
  • Ninja Training – Ninja style flips, rolls, kicks, vaults
  • Gymnastics Tumbling for Total Body Coordination
Beyond skill, our curriculum teaches:
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Being part of a group
  • Impulse & Energy control

For success in school, sport and life, a child that learns to channel their impulse & energy towards a focused goal will succeed in all endeavors.

All Ninja Zone coaches are fully trained on technical skill, equipment and pro-active safety according to guidelines set forth by USA Gymnastics.

Ninja Dress Code: All students are required to wear the Ninja Zone Uniform to participate in class. The uniform consists of the Ninja Zone t-shirt and headband. This is a separate purchase that is made directly to Ninja Zone. Your welcome email will include a link that will take you directly to the Ninja Zone website to order. You will have the choice of a cotton t-shirt or the performance, dry fit t-shirt and both will include the headband. This order will come directly to you at the address you provide.