Boys Gymnastics

Learn the movements and skills of the High Bar, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, Rings, Vault and Tumbling. Our experienced, adult staff will safely progress your child through the skills of each level. We will keep your child engaged with a class designed to be highly active, fun and productive on stations designed to challenge them at each stage of their development. Encouragement and positive directions are the base of our highly motivating coaching style. This program will build confidence, strong bodies and strong minds while improving all physical abilities needed to succeed in any sport.


Beginner – 60 minutes           CLASS SCHEDULE

Ages 6 years & up

This is our entry level class designed to start at the very beginning of tumbling, vault, high bar, parallel bars while building on current abilities. Encouragement and motivation will be emphasized by our staff in a fun and active class structure to develop new skills. Welcome to gymnastics!

No experience necessary.


Boys Picture 3          

Intermediate – 90 minutes

Ages 6 years & up

This class will continue to develop the basics and go one step further. We will also introduce rings and pommel hourse in this class. Your child will start preparing for flipping skills on the other events while developing strengths and flexibilities, to learn safely. More effort and a faster pace will continue to create better results!

Instructor approval required.

Advanced 1 & 2 – 90 minutes

Ages 6 years & up

Your child will continue to move up the skill chart on all 6 men's events. In the advanced class your gymnast will start doing some exciting skills that will require more strength and focus. We advise two classes at this point to continue a consistent pace in their development. Let's start flipping!

Instructor approval required.